Interim ED Program

There’s one phone call board members dread the most: our ED is leaving the organization. Should we promote internally, start a national search, find an interim, or have a board member step in to lead? Fortunately, Greenlights’ Interim Executive Director program can help you buy the time you need to make the right leadership decision, and put in place experienced, stable leadership during a time of transition and risk to make the time between leaders one of productivity and opportunity.

"We needed an experienced Interim Executive Director to ‘keep the trains running on time’ and provide an environment of calm, professional transitional management. That is exactly what we got. The transition from founder to new ED would not have been remotely as successful without utilizing Greenlights' consulting services."
- Jim Buck, 2011 Board Chair, Ascend Center for Learning (formerly The Austin Academy)

Since the inception of our Interim Executive Director program in 2008, our Interim EDs have provided approximately 12 years of IED service to the Central Texas nonprofit community. The former Executive Directors in our pool are well-equipped to guide an organization through a time of change, helping the board and staff lay the groundwork for success while a thoughtful and intentional search for a permanent Executive Director takes place.

Greenlights Interim Executive Directors are:

  • Former Executive Directors who have also served as nonprofit board members
  • Specifically trained by Greenlights in the specific skills needed to serve as an interim ED
  • Able to provide a calming, stabilizing influence on your organization during an often complex time of transition
  • Trained to provide the board an independent, objective evaluation of the strengths and challenges of the organization during their placement period
  • Available to you as a cost-effective solution to your interim leadership needs, often able to step into the interim role for less than your budgeted ED salary

Learn more about how your organization can manage a transition with the support of an Interim Executive Director. Contact Tara Levy, Senior Consultant, at (512) 477-5955 x235.