Strategic Planning

We believe every nonprofit should have a clear, compelling 3-5 year strategic plan that is regularly reviewed and updated. Good nonprofit strategy (e.g. mission, vision, goals, performance metrics, values) not only signals strength to your funders and stakeholders, but also helps your organization focus on what is most important: making difficult decisions about how to use your resources wisely and effectively telling the story of your impact.

“It’s put the board and the staff in the same place, we all know what the plan is and we can communicate around that.”
- Michael Willard, Executive Director, Austin Habitat for Humanity

In a nutshell, strategic planning is the process of determining what your organization intends to accomplish and how you will direct your resources toward achieving those goals. We believe every nonprofit should have a clear, compelling 3-5 year strategic plan that is regularly reviewed and updated.

Our strategic planning services provide your nonprofit with:

  • A customized collaborative, inclusive planning process that builds ownership of your plan within and outside of your organization
  • A set of key performance indicators (impact and outcomes metrics), usually summarized in an organizational performance dashboard, by which you can measure your success over the coming years
  • Leading tools, concepts, and constructs (such as the Blue Ocean strategy canvas, the Hedgehog Concept, the 6-Forces Analysis, etc.) to help organize and structure your planning work
  • A formal strategic plan document (or documents) that you can use internally to guide your work and externally to communicate to your funders and stakeholders

Strategic Communication: DISC Behavioral Assessment

Being part of a diverse team of nonprofit staff can be a dynamic and rewarding experience. It can also be challenging to work in an environment where a variety of communication styles and expectations about behavior intersect. Greenlights can help your team learn to understand and appreciate behavior styles. Through a DISC assessment, your team can learn to modify their communication approaches for better results.

For more information about our consulting services, contact Tara Kirkland, Chief Programs & Services Officer, at (512) 477-5955 x262.

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